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Zoomer Films

Bienvenue dans la division Zoomer Films. Nous sommes des créateurs d'histoires uniques et inspirantes pour la fiction et les documentaires.

Poster The Session.jpg

The Session (short film) 2021

-Semifinalist at Stockholm Short Film Festival


- Semifinalist at Boden International Film Festival

-Finalist at Prague Film Festival

-Finalist at International symbolic film festival. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

-Nominated for Best Original story at the London Short Film Festival

-Honorable Mention

Emerald Peacock International Film Festival (Berlin-Germany)

-LatinArte (Screen Quebec)

2022 Official Selection

AntiReflet (short film) 2017

A couple drinks beer and smokes cannabis while they watch multiple horror movies. A series of paranormal events start happening when they frequent the bath, unleashing a mystery.

antireflet poster.jpg

Press at Film Festivals:

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