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Zoomer Visuals was founded in 2015 by Daniel Diaz, an enthusiastic videographer who has experience and studies in business development. Our goal is to help our clients to express themselves in an audiovisual way by using a modern style, a cinematic design, and the latest technology; all of this adapted to our customers’ particular needs.  

We understand that professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail are essential to creating modern and vibrant audiovisual solutions.  

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I have been in the creative process of audiovisual production for several years as a videographer, video editor, and producer.

I have worked on audiovisual content development for companies such as Mclaren Montreal, Houston Restaurant, MTY Group, Desjardins, GA International, among others. I have specialized in the creation of audiovisual content for social networks, web advertising, events, services, and products.

For some projects, I have fulfilled my tasks as a videographer, video editor, drone operator (Transport Canada license), or photographer in countries like Canada, the USA, Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

In parallel, I have developed content as a filmmaker producing, writing, and directing my independent short films and documentaries. 

Daniel Diaz

Manager - Videographer


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